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Sybian Orgasm

Love Seat Sybian Alternative Amazing as it may seem, not every woman in the world knows what an orgasm is. Or, maybe more accurately, they've never experienced an orgasm.

When a woman is sexaully aroused, her heart speeds up, her breathing speeds up, flushing may occur. Other effects include swollen breasts, erect nipples, blushing, and tense muscles. The clitoris also becomes enlarged somewhat. Then, there may be vaginal secretions, and a general warmth in the genital area.

Sadly, many women stop there.

However, those that become more excited eventually reach orgasm. And you know you've had an orgasm when you feel one, some, or all of the following: involuntary muscle contractions, increased flushing, female ejaculation. Generally, when a woman has climaxed, her face will also tell the story. The way an orgasm feels is hard to explain, but when a women has one, she knows.

The G-Spot

The G-Spot is the located in the frontal vaginal wall. Stimulation here usually leads to orgasm. The Sybian can be fitted with the G-Max ball, an ball-shaped attachment that directly stimulates the area. Alternatively, the smaller G-Mini can be used. Often, it is this spot being massaged that leads a woman to experience female ejaculation. This is a non-urine liquid that climaxing women sometimes secrete, or even spray. This is also commonly referred to as squirting.

Female Ejaculation

Females have something known as the Skene's glands. This is often referred to as the female prostate. Ducts from this gland leads to the urethra, which is why female ejaculation is sometimes mistaken as urine. The liquid is a non-urine liquid, made of glucose and prostatic acid.

The Skene's glands can be found in the G-Spot area. That's why when the G-Spot is stimulated, squirting may occur. Some women can squirt without G-Spot stimulation, but that's more rare.

The Sybian's Role

The Sybian can function as a sex device, but it is much more than that. It is a great educational or training tool. Women and her partners can learn about the female body, sexuality, and lovemaking in general. Partners can become better at pleasing each other because of the close bond that sharing an orgasm can lead to. And men, imagine that your partner is capable of having 10 or 20 orgasms during sex. She would say yes every time you try to have sex with her.

Many women experience their first orgasm with the Sybian. In a relaxed environment, alone or not, she can focus on feeling the every sensation and allow the orgasm to come.

There are also women who have had orgasms before, but never so intense. These amazing full-body orgasms can often build up into multiple orgasms or one extra-long one. Sybian riders often become squirters too, because the orgasms are so strong. They finally become aware of what the body is capable of feeling during sex. And this new knowledge makes them better lovers even without the Sybian.

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