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What is a Sybian?

The Sybian has been described as the ultimate sex toy and deserves that title. It's not simply a dildo or vibrator. It's a state-of-the-art machine that produces the most intense orgasms known to humans.

The Motor

On the outside, the Sybian may look like a simple saddle with a dildo attached to it. But it's a lot more. Housed inside the saddle are two powerful motors that vibrate and rotate the various attachments. The rotation is handled by a 1/29 horsepower motor that can reach speeds of 120 RPM. The vibrator's motor produces 1/17 horsepower and its maximum speed is 6500 RPM. These numbers may make it sound like the device is too powerful, but women love reaching top speed for brief moments, as a change of pace. No one usually maintains max settings for long periods.

The Saddle

Besides doubling as the motor housing, the saddle is a comfortable seat for the rider. It has a padded, naugahyde cover, which is extremely durable and easy to clean. (Naugahyde is a synthetic fabric with a leather feel.) To clean, warm water and a mild soap on a towel is all it takes.

The Attachments

Remember, the Sybian is more than a dildo or vibrator. It can accept a variety of attachments for different kinds of orgasms.

Note: You can view photos of each attachment in the Sybian attachments gallery.

Vaginal Inserts

The standard attachment is the vaginal insert. There is the small, 3 inch and the medium, 3.75 inch ones. These have ridges on the side to stimulate the vaginal wall. They also have a bumpy clitoral pad for clitoral stimulation.

A variation of the insert is the finger. This is a 3 inch insertion made to look like a finger. This a good starter attachment because it's more narrow than the small insertion, and could be a bridge for women to get used to the Sybian.

Yet another variation of the insert is the G-Spot ball. There is the GMini (2.5 inches tall, 1.75 inches diameter) and the GMax (3.37 inches tall, 1.87 inches diameter). Both are ball shaped, and specially designed for hitting the G-Spot.

The last variation is the Double Insertion. As the name implies, it's inserted into two places. For women who enjoy anal sex, the double allows her to feel the Sybian in both her vagina and anus.

Insert Covers

Also available are the RealLike Covers. These are attachments that fit over the top of the regular insertions. They are shaped to resemble a penis and come in multiple sizes. The Large is 5 inches, X-Large 6 inches, and the Jumbo 7 inches. These are much thicker too, which many women enjoy because it's new and different.

Flat Top

Finally, there's the Flat Top attachment. This one, like the rest, have a bumpy clitoral pad. But there's no insertion. This allows a woman to enjoy the Sybian without getting unclothed. Of course, the stimulation will soon make the woman very wet, and her underwear will be soaked.

Remote Control

The Sybian has a wired remote control that can be held by the straddler or her partner. It's attached to the Sybian by a 3 foot long cable. The remote has two switches and two dial knobs. It fits nicely in your hands and allows the controller to ability to adjust the rotation and vibatration independently of each other. That means you have complete custom control over how you want the Sybian to work. Some ladies prefer more vibration than rotation or vice versa.

Support Stool

The Sybian package includes a matching stool. This is perfect for the rider to lean against. It's also very useful for her partner to stay nearby. It has the same padded naugahyde cover as the Sybian and is very comfortable to sit on. Like the saddle, it's easy to clean with just warm water and mild soap.


Because of the size of the machine, storage is sometimes a problem, especially if you want to keep it discreet. The manufacturers now offer two storage cases, prcied between $50 and $75, depending on the size. Alternatively, if you have a large suitcase, you can keep your Sybian in there, along with the stool and insertions. For more info on the Sybian cases, click here.

The Cost

Here's where you might get scared away and stop reading. The Sybian is not cheap. And one shouldn't expect it to be. They are built to last forever.

The price of a Sybian is $1315. That is the basic package, and includes the following: Demo DVD, Small Vaginal Insert, Medium Vaginal Insert, Large ReaLike Cover, Flat Top, Slipper, Detachable Power Cord, Matching Stool, 5.5 oz Glide ID Lubricant, Spare 6.3 Amp Fuse, 2 Springs and 4 Plastic Stems, 5-Year Warranty, and Instruction Manual.

They offer a 45-day money back guarantee. If you're unhappy with the product, they will return your money, minus a reconditioning fee. There's not a better way to test one. Number one, it's new. Number two, after you try it, you'll want to keep it. It's simply more convenient to order one if you're going to try one. You can get more pricing details at the manufacturer's site.

Sybian Rentals

If the cost of one is too steep, even with the money-back gurantee, you still have options. You can find a local Sybian party. The way to do this is online, of course. You can join Yahoo Groups like Sybian Worldwide, Sybian US and Canada, or Sybian Europe or many others. There is one called a Sybian Hitchhikers Group where owners and riders can arrange a meeting. Use common sense when dealing with strangers!

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