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The Venus 2000

V2000 The Venus 2000 is to men what the Sybian is to women. It's the ultimate male sex toy. Costing more than $800, it'd better be.

Also known as the V2000, the Venus is a motorized, hands-free masturbation aid. Using the Venus, you can fully customize the action by adjusting the stroke length and stroke speed.

As you might expect from the inventor of the Sybian, a lot of thought was put into the Venus. It was created to help men with sexual issues, and a side benefit is it makes a great sex toy.

The Venus 2000 will cost about $875, depending on the extras.

There are two versions, one with a remote control, and one without. The remote controlled version is attached by a 4 foot cable. There are many benefits to not being required to keep it nearby. It can be handled by someone else, from a distance, and with an imagination, you can surely think of creative ways to have fun with a partner.

There are four attachments. The receiver is the main one. That's an easy-cleaning stroking attachment. It's offers hands-free masturbation, with or without an erection. The pump is a vacuum pump, useful for going from flaccid to erect. The head massager does just what you think. Finally, there's a nipple massager.

Unlike the Sybian, which can get loud because of its powerful vibrations, the Venus is quiet. On low settings, you can barely hear it.

Important Note

If you're turned off by the high price, you can also consider buying just their receiver. Then, you or a partner would operate it manually. That costs just $55, which is comparable to the Fleshlight and other similar devices.

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Venus 2000